September 16, 2015

The Jump

This story was published in the Novabase Design Team’s newsletter on Sept 2015



Charlie bounded up over the wall and leaped high into the air. He led with his nose, his long white ears stretched flat back in line with his limbs creating a straight streamlined furry flash as he flew past the wall. He felt the wind rush around him as he nimbly landed on the tall green grass. He continued running, leaping over small rocks and turning and changing direction and turning to avoid nettles. This was new terrain. He ran toward the clearing by the tree in the distance.


Charlie continued running under the echo of Jimmy’s cries. “Charlieeeeeee! Where are you?”

Charlie turned from the tree and yelled back, “I am here, Jimmy! Do you see the tree?”

“Charlie! Charlie! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Did you fall? Charlieeeeee!”

“I am here by the tree Jimmy! I am okay”

“Are you hurt? How did you fall? Come back. Do you need help?”

“I am fine Jimmy! I did not fall. I jumped. Come join me here.”

“What? Join you..?”

“Yes! The grass is much taller here but air smells of the rain and there is a lake up ahead”

“Smells like the rain? Lake? Charlie what are you talking about? Charlie come back. No one goes beyond the wall Charlie!”

“Come on Jimmy. Just jump.The grass is soft”

Charlie could see Jimmy standing on the edge of the wall. He saw his best friend standing on the wall hesitant to take a step forward into new terrain. He couldn’t understand what was holding Jimmy back. What invisible force held his dear friend fixed on the ledge of the wall.

Jimmy squinted at the tree. The grass was far too tall to spot Charlie but he saw flashes Charlie’s white fur moving. He was worried. No one leaves the warren hill. And no one most certainly goes beyond the wall. He could probably convince Charlie to return but he knew better. Charlie had always been a bit too curious for a warren rabbit.

“Charlie! It’s not safe over there. Come back!”

“I am going to go to the lake Jimmy. I will back be soon though. I promise I will be back.


Not all those who wander are lost. But those who do not wander may truly be lost.