About Me

Designer by day, daydreamer by night.

I am a thoughtful and collaborative UX designer working at the intersection of human centered thinking and strategic business goals. My endeavor in design is a balancing act between a holistic view of the product and delving into tiny details of an interface. I am deeply interested in how the digital medium can be utilized to tell human stories. After all telling stories is an intrinsically human thing we do and the digital medium can be a beautiful and democratic platform.

Outside of work, I enjoy acting in theatre productions, surfing in the ocean, traveling to new countries and learning to crack jokes in new languages. I also really like cheesecakes. Baked lemon cheesecake is my absolute favorite.

I am an Indian citizen living in Lisbon, Portugal with Schengen zone residency. And yes, I know the best cheesecake in Lisbon.

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