Work Experience

over 3 continents

Currently designing an AI powered translation layer at Unbabel since early 2020.

2019 | Sr. UX Designer and Service Designer |  Freelance  |  Lisbon, Portugal

Since mid 2016, I have been embedded within design agencies as a fulltime member of their team on a per project basis.

  1. Created the concept and led the design of a mobile app for the Motiv project with TIS mobility consultant in Lisbon. Motiv is an EU study on the perception and value of time in the context of mobility. The data driven mobile app allows users to reflect on how much time is spent in travel and also creates opportunities to change based on a gamified mobility coach. On the other hand, the app enables researchers are able to collect quantitative data and micro-target users for qualitative data collection.
  2. Worked with colleagues at Cocoon Experience, on a digital transformation initiative of an established insurance company in Portugal. We reimagined the EU accident claim form as a friendly chat-bot. My responsibilities included concept and interface design (UX+UI). I was also involved in multiple design boot-camps with the client for problem definition and solution brainstorming. I continue to work with other clients of Cocoon.
  3. Collaborated with an incredible multidisciplinary team at With Company, to design a supermarket mobile app for a retail sector giant in Portugal. As a Sr. UX designer, my role in the team included conducting ethnographic research, iterative interface design and prototyping the mobile app. Additionally I was also involved in designing and conducting a 5 day co-creation workshop with client stakeholders.

2015 | Experience Designer |  Novabase  |  Lisbon, Portugal

Over a span of two and half years, I worked at Novabase as a member of the in house design team in various roles for various client projects.

  1. Led a two man design team to create Oneride, an urban mobility app with built in ticketing for public transport. Using cell phone geo location, a new Pay-as-you-Go business model and QR codes for geo-validation, OneRide was a step into the future of moving cities using public infrastructure.
  2. Designed a contextual and intelligent tablet banking platform named Wizzio for Novabase’s Financial Services team. I worked on this as a product designer starting with a blank page and a conversation with stakeholders to a functional prototype that demonstrates Wizzio’s abilities as a smart machine.
  3. For users of Vodafone UK and Vodafone Portugal’s wildly successful enterprise product named One Net, customer support was provided by call center operators. These operators used an Operator Provisioning Portal or OPP that was redesigned in 2012 by a team of designers from Novabase including me. I worked on this team as an interaction developer where I was responsible for understanding the current system and expressing a redesigned version in the form of a functional prototype.

2012 | User Experience Researcher | Google | Mountain View, USA

Over a 12 week summer internship with the (then) Google+ Photos and Events team, I collaborated on and led a number of research studies.

  1. Crafted a research study after thorough stakeholder interviews with the Photos team
  2. Screened and recruited participants for 2 individual studies.
  3. Generated leads in product innovation for current and future products.
  4. Presented feedback on an early prototype of a future product. This eventually became Google Photos in 2015.

2012 | Lead Designer | Logica | Funchal, Portugal

As the lead designer on the Promethean capstone project spanning 8 months, I have moderated research interviews, led ideation sessions, designed a responsive web based prototype and created comprehensive client reports in print.

  1. Synthesized 4 months of research data into Use-Cases and Personas
  2. Scoped out a feasible solution concept and storyboarded the vision.
  3. Designed a novel iPad application through  3 iterations of rigorous design and testing.
  4. Created the logo, branding and identity for the project team and all its deliverables.

2011 | UX Intern | Techved Design | Mumbai India

Over the course of a 5 week summer internship, I worked on a website redesign project and learnt  the ropes of working in a design agency.

  1. Led the research phase of a new client project at a Mumbai based design consultancy.
  2. Moderated multiple stakeholder interviews and distilled top needs from the client
  3. Converted research data in usable design insights
  4. Collaborated with the UI designer to create an information architecture of the new website.